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Britney Spears "Gimme More" stripper video top charts

The new Britney Sears video to the song "Gimme More" has been leaked on YouTube days before the premier, critics say "no way".

 Britney Spears "Gimme More" stripper video top charts If you have missed the leaked version of Britney Spears' new video "Gimme More", you can watch it below. But what comes as a surprise to many is the reaction of the "critics" all over the Internet, not the fans, but columnists and gossip-mongers. Almost all of the reactions to Britney's new video have been awful, so far, many questioning...who knows what? As far as we could tell - the "Gimme More" video is right on target and the best thing Britney Spears has ever done in years (other than rehab). Should you be shocked that the video consists of Britney Spears shaking her moneymaker around a strip-pole? Is this so shocking, when you consider that her entire career has been based on raunchy videos such as "Oops, I did it again" and "Toxic"?

 Let's face it - Britney Spears is exactly this. Britney is expected to be hot, sexy and promiscuous and she indeed delivers in her new video. And the lyrics - well, it's Britney Spears not Shakespeare. I know, it's trendy to attack Britney, but how about a job well done this time? The fans have spoken and Britney Spears with "Gimme More" is currently on the #3 spot in Billboard Top 100 songs.

Watch the video:


 Published on 10/08/2007

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