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Britney Spears fails to make a comeback at the Video Music Awards

The much publicized and advertised comeback of Britney Spears during the MTV's Video Music Awards a bust, plus Sarah Silverman and Kid Rock - Tommy Lee fight.

Britney Spears fails to make a comeback at the Video Music Awards At this point it remains unknown how long will MTV continues to bore people away from the once rating-monger Video Music Awards. And it is highly likely that the sportsbooks who offered betting odds on the 2007 MTV VMA would not o it again next year, due to the lack of viewers. The last nail in the coffin came early into the show last night, when the highly publicized comeback of Britney Spears ended up in a complete bust.

 Extremely lethargic and unprofessional Britney Spears came out as the star of the Video Music Awards and left as the laughing stock. Britney kicked off the MTV VMA with her new song "Gimme More" and appeared on the scene in her recent attire of choice - black bra, black underpants and black boots (at least she wore underpants this time). There was no nervous break-down, but she was so out of sync and down right "sleepy", the backup dancers made better impression than the "star" of the show.

 The Britney Spears "comeback routine" made it even easier for the comedian Sarah Silverman to plug in a few zingers her way: "She is 25 years old and has already accomplished everything she is going to accomplish in her life." Some reports indicate that Britney Spears threatened to leave the VMA before her performance, after she overheard Sarah Silverman rehearsing her jokes, mainly the one about her kids: "Have you seen Britney's kids? They are the most adorable mistakes you will ever see."

 A big thanks to four-VMA winner Justin Timberlake for asking MTV on two occasions to play more music.

 The biggest scandal after the MTV Video Music Awards turned out to be the Kid Rock - Tommy Lee bout. The police has cited Kid Rock for a misdemeanor battery after he apparently threw a punch at Tommy Lee. It seems that the fight was provoked by Lee after an offensive comment at Kid Rock. Pamela Anderson was not involved in the brawl between her two former husbands.

Watch the Sarah Silverman MTV Video Music Awards performance:


Published on 09/10/2007

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