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2008 Euro betting odds: England, Wales, Holland and more

Just three days before the next series of the 2008 Euro qualifiers and we have found the best betting odds on the Internet.

2008 Euro betting odds: England, Wales, Holland and more On the 13th millions of Europeans will tune in to the 2008 Euro qualifying games and many of them will hold a betting slip. We searched an extensive list of UK and other European online bookmakers to find the best odds on the games. And we have found it at the U.K. licensed online bookmaker Bet365 (opens new window). Let's take a look at the odds on the qualifying games most likely to take the bigger piece of the betting pie. England will welcome Estonia on the 13th and naturally the sportsbook has listed England with odds to win the match at 1.07, a draw pays 10.00 times your bet and the odds on Estonia are 34.00, live in-play betting is available for this game.

 Wales will visit Cyprus on Saturday and this could be a game to bring in the big bucks or to strengthen your parlay. The odds on Wales are 2.60 and on Cyprus 2.70, with 3.25 for a draw. Romania vs. Holland is another interesting game with big bet potential. Hosting Rumania is listed with betting odds of 3.10 and Holland to win pays 2.40, for draw 3.10 coefficient.

 Here is a list of other risky games with good betting odds:

Scotland v Ukraine - betting odds (1) 2.00; (x) 3.30; (2) 3.75
Iceland v Latvia - odds (1) 2.00; (x) 3.25; (2) 3.40
Denmark v Spain - odds  (1) 2.80; (x) 3.25; (2) 2.50
Belgium v Finland - betting odds  (1) 2.25; (x) 3.20; (2) 3.25
Rep of Ireland v Germany - odds  (1) 3.75; (x) 3.30; (2) 2.00

To see betting odds on other 2008 Euro Qualifiers football games or to place a bet on the matches, click here to visit Bet365 official website (U.S. players not allowed).

 Published on 10/10/2007

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