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Lost star Michelle Rodriguez sentenced to 6 months in jail

Michelle Rodriguez who played Ana-Lucia in the TV series "Lost" was sentenced to 6 months in jail.

Lost star Michelle Rodriguez sentenced to 6 months in jail The legal troubles of former Lost actress Michelle Rodriguez just kicked up a notch. Rodriguez was sentenced to six months in Los Angeles County Jail on Wednesday for violation of probation stemming from several DUI-related charges. According to the Los Angeles Attorney's Office, Michelle Rodriguez admitted to violating her probation by not completing the required 30 hours of community service and consuming alcohol while wearing an alcohol monitoring device. The 29-year-old actress has until December 24th to turn herself in and serve her sentence.

 There will be no break for the "Lost" star this time. Rodriguez' first serious brush with the law was in 2004 when she pleaded no contest to three offences - misdemeanor DUI, hit-and-run and driving with a suspended license. At that time she got only 2 days in jail, community service and a 3-year probation. Unfortunately Michelle Rodriguez violated her probation in 2005 when, after a few speeding tickets, she was arrested on a DUI charge in Hawaii, while filming "Lost". She was sentenced to two months in jail, but due to overcrowding (familiar?) Rodriguez served less than 5 hours in jail. Michelle also got 30 days of community service and her probation was extended until 2009. But the L.A. Attorney's Office found out that, even though Michelle Rodriguez filed a document that said she completed community service on 25 September, on that day she was in New York. This time Michelle Rodriguez will have to sit out all 180 days in jail, been deemed ineligible for house arrest. But then again, you know how crowded the L.A. jails are, when the stars come to "visit"...

 Published on 10/11/2007

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