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BCS standings released, Ohio State tops AP 25

Fox released the first BCS standing, Ohio State tops the AP college football top 25.

BCS standings released, Ohio State tops AP 25 Despite what the Fox anchors lead you to believe, the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) standings released today showed little to no surprise. Here are the BCS standings by Fox: 1. Ohio State; 2. South Florida; 3. Boston College; 4. LSU; 5. Oklahoma; 6. South Carolina; 7. Kentucky; 8. Arizona State; 9. West Virginia; 10. Oregon; 11. Virginia Tech; 12. California; 13. Kansas; 14. Southern Cal; 15. Florida; 16. Missouri; 17. Auburn; 18. Hawaii; 19. Virginia; 20. Georgia.

 There is little difference from the AP top 25 rankings. Ohio State climbed from No.3 to the first spot after running over Kent State at home 3-48 and LSU lost the top ranking to fall all the way down to No.5. South Florida jumped up three rows from fifth to second and the previous No.2 California could be found at No. 10. Here is the full list of the AP top 25 after college football Week 7:
1. Ohio State; 2. South Florida; 3. Boston College; 4. Oklahoma; 5. LSU; 6. South Carolina; 7. Oregon; 8. Kentucky; 9. West Virginia; 10. California; 11. Virginia Tech; 12. Arizona State; 13. Southern Cal; 14. Florida; 15. Kansas; 15. Missouri; 17. Hawaii; 18. Auburn; 19. Texas; 20. Tennessee; 21. Georgia; 22. Texas Tech; 23. Cincinnati; 24. Michigan; 25. Kansas State.

 Published on 10/14/2007

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