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Stephen Colbert for president announced on a prestigious show

Famous philosopher Stephen Colbert announced his presidential candidacy on the prestigious political show "The Colbert Report".

Stephen Colbert for president announced on a prestigious show Finally a presidential candidate who is funny in a "ha-ha-way". Stephen Colbert, often recognized by current presidential candidates as famous philosopher, announced on the hard-to-book prestigious political talk-show "The Colbert Report" that he will indeed seek the presidential post during the upcoming Elections. The wrist-strong candidate will run only in his home state of South Carolina as the "favorite son" and political analysts confirm he has all it takes - his platform is based on Republican-Democratic values, he sees no race (claiming African American heritage) and he has time served in the Marina Core - the core workers at the Marina, which gives him as much combat experience as the last two presidents combined.

 The ground breaking idea to sell advertising on his suit will not only attract hardcore NASCAR fans down in Darlington, but serve as a beacon of honesty in politics by showing the supporters who is sponsoring their presidential candidate.

 The bookmakers should be scared by the "Stephen Colbert for President" idea. Stephen was and still is listed at Bodog Sports with the odds 800/1 to become the next US President. Imagine the dent in the books he is about to put. Watch as Stephen Colbert announces he is joining the presidential pursuit:


 Published on 10/17/2007

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