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"Lost" cast DUI No.3 - Daniel Dae Kim

Yet another one of the "Lost" cast busted for DUI in Hawaii, this time it was Daniel Dae Kim.

"Lost" cast DUI No.3 - Daniel Dae Kim The cast of the hit series "Lost" seems to be a lost cause. Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Jin Soo Kwon, was booked in the early hours of Thursday, after Hawaii police pulled over his car. The only details the Honolulu police is releasing is that he was arrested for driving under the influence. A couple of hours after Daniel Dae Kim was booked, he posted bail and was released.

 This is not the first case of drunk driving by members of the "Lost" cast, who are shooting the season Hawaii. Cynthia Watros, who played Libby, and Michelle Rodriguez, who was Ana-Lucia, both pleaded guilty to driving under the influence. All characters of cast members of Lost, who ended up with a DUI arrest, have been killed soon after in the show. It sound like we are not going to be seeing much of Jin in the near future.

 Published on 10/25/2007

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