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Hunter Rick Jacobs claims Bigfoot photo

Pennsylvania hunter by the name of Rick Jacobs claims he photographed Bigfoot.

Hunter Rick Jacobs claims Bigfoot photo Rick Jacobs, a hunter from Pennsylvania, claims that he has taken a picture of Bigfoot. The animal on the picture certainly does not look like a bear. The photo of Bigfoot by Rick Jacobs was posted on the website of the Bigfoot Research Organization (yes, there is one) and according to one of the members of the organization, the photo appears to be one of a juvenile Sasquatch.

 Rick Jacobs took the picture in the Allegheny National Forest by using a camera with an automatic trigger, although the exact location where in the Forest the pics were taken is being kept secret to avoid the thousands of Bigfoot fans, who would show up in search of the mystical creature. The Pennsylvania Game Commission says that they often see picture like this and it seems to be a bear with a severe case of skin disease. An online sportsbook once offered odds on the existence of Sasquatch, but the prop was canceled due to lack of interest. Now with Jacob's Bigfoot, we may see those weird odds pop up again.

 Published on 10/28/2007

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