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Hen harriers stir Royal controversy in the U.K.

Prince Harry has been questioned after two rare birds, hen harriers, were found dead on the Queen's estate.

Hen harriers stir Royal controversy in the U.K. According tot he latest reports, Prince Harry has been questioned by the local police about his involvement in the shooting of two extremely rare birds, "Hen Harriers", which were found on the Royal Family’s Sandringham estate last Wednesday. Clarence House, the official residence of the Prince of Wales, confirmed that police met with Prince Harry, but he told them that he knows nothing about the incident. Staff members of the Prince have apparently told the police that Harry and his friends were the only people hunting in the estate around the time of the incident.

 Now many would wonder why the shooting of two hen harriers could be a bigger controversy than Dick Chaney shooting people while hunting. First, the Queen is a patron of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and if Prince Harry was involved in the shooting of the two hen harriers, it would be a great embarrassment to the Royal Family, not to mention that by shooting a hen harrier one risks a sentence of up to six months or a £5,000 fine. Because the hen harriers are bird of pray, they have been subject to shooting by hunters for many years, which has almost led to their extinction in the U.K. It is estimated that there are only about 20 female hen harriers in England. The hen harriers could be found in North America under the name "Marsh Hawk".

 Published on 10/31/2007

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