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Playing online casinos in Massachusetts could cost you

The hypocrisy and protectionism continues as Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is proposing to make online gambling illegal, while adding three land-based casinos in the state.

Playing online casinos in Massachusetts could cost you Massachusetts residents - be aware, a bill proposed by Gov. Deval Patrick (D-Mass) could send you in jail for 2 years for playing at online casinos. As Boston Globe reports, Gov. Patrick is pushing a casino bill, which would give licenses to three land based casinos in the state, while making online gambling illegal for the state's residents. If the bill is passed - prison term of up to two years and $25,000 fines would be the punishment for residents who place bets online or play at online casinos. Gov. Deval Patrick has not commented on his proposed plan yet, but there is hardly any reasonable explanation to legalizing online casinos in a bill which would add three land based casinos, other than protection for those casinos from online competition.

 "Why is gambling in a casino OK and gambling on the Internet is not? He's making a big mistake. He's giving opponents an argument against him," said Democratic U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, who is working on a bill which would legalize and regulate online gambling in the country.

 The bill proposed by Gov. Deval Patrick is not expected to get a hearing until next year and if it becomes a law, Massachusetts residents risk going to prison if they bet online, play online casinos or poker.

 Published on 11/11/2007

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