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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony first child, first betting odds

After Jennifer Lopez officially confirmed pregnancy, bookmakers jump with betting odds on the happy couple.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony first child, first betting odds People have known about her pregnancy for a long time, but only a few days ago Jennifer Lopez officially announced that she and hubby Marc Anthony are expecting their first child together. Not much of a surprise, but the odds makers took it and ran with it. The online betting firm Bodog Sports has posted various betting props and odds on Jennifer Lopez and her first baby, for example, the bookie expects that the baby will be a boy, with odds -125, compared to a girl with odds -115.

 Other interesting odds include when will Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's first child together be born, April of next year being the favorite month with odds 2/1. If the Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony baby is born on May of next year, the payout if 5/2, odds on June are 4/1 and so are the odds on the baby being born in March. You can also bet on which half of the month will the child be born - 1st through 15th or 16th through end of month, both betting props with odds -120. Want more Jennifer Lopez odds?

What will Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony name their first child: Antonio - 11/2; Felipe - 8/1; Enrique - 10/1; Marco - 4/1; Guillermina - 10/1; Rosario - 7/1; Lynn - 17/2; Guadalupe - 9/1; Ben - 15/1; Sean - 20/1; Maria - 6/1 or Selena - 9/1.

 Published on 11/11/2007

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