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College Football Polls: AP Top 25 and BCS Standings after Week 11

Many changes this week in the BCS Standings and AP Top 25, LSU atop of the college football polls.

College Football Polls: AP Top 25 and BCS Standings after Week 11 The biggest upset during the college football Week 11 is without a doubt the 28-21 loss Ohio State took against Illinois at home. The previously No.1 ranked team failed to capitalize on the home game and the new college football polls came out with LSU leading the pack. Starting with the BCS Standings, LSU is now the No.1 team, after beating LA Tech 10-58. With Ohio State pushed down all the way back to No.7 in the BCS Standings, Oregon has climbed up to the second spot, despite the week off. Previously fourth ranked Kansas is now at No.3 after winning 43-28 against Oklahoma State and the Jayhawks are now one of only two teams in the BCS Standings with a perfect record this season. Oklahoma is at No.4 with 21-52 victory at home against Baylor and the No.5 position is held by Missouri, after 26-40 victory at home against Texas A&M.  Here are the rest of the teams that made it to the BCS Standings after Week 11: 6. West Virginia; 7. Ohio State; 8. Arizona State; 9. Georgia; 10. Virginia Tech; 11. USC; 12. Florida; 13. Texas; 14. Virginia; 15. Clemson; 16. Hawaii; 17. Boston College; 18. Boise State; 19. Illinois; 20. Tennessee; 21. Michigan; 22. Cincinnati; 23. Kentucky; 24. Connecticut; 25. Wisconsin. 

 Now to another one of the college football polls after Week 11, the AP Top 25. As usual, both college football polls look quite the same, and in the AP Top 25 LSU is also the leader. Oregon holds the second spot in the rankings, but No.3 is Oklahoma and Kansas is fourth at the AP Top 25, unlike the BCS Standings. The No.5 spot is being held by West Virginia, after beating Louisville 31-38 at home. Dropping from the AP Top 25 after Week 11 are Auburn, Alabama and California. Here are the rest of the college football teams in the AP Top 25 after Week 11: 6. Missouri; 7. Ohio State; 8. Georgia; 9. Arizona State; 10. Virginia Tech; 11. USC; 12. Texas; 13. Hawaii; 14. Florida ; 15. Clemson; 16. Virginia; 17. Boise State ; 18. Boston College; 19. Tennessee; 20. Illinois; 21. Cincinnati; 22. Kentucky; 23. Michigan; 24. Wisconsin; 25. Connecticut.

 Published on 11/12/2007

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