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CNN Democratic Presidential Debate: Las Vegas welcomes top contenders

The CNN Democratic Presidential Debate will take place in Las Vegas tonight as Barack Obama is looking for the edge on Hillary.

CNN Democratic Presidential Debate: Las Vegas welcomes top contenders What better time to look at the 2008 presidential betting odds on the Democrats, than before the CNN debate, which is scheduled to take place at Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world. And as we take a look at the odds offered by the major betting firms, it will be a clear three-horse race, before and after the tonight's debate. At Bodog Sports, Hillary Clinton remains the favorite to win the Democratic presidential nomination with odds 1/6, several weeks before the the first votes in the nominating process - the caucuses in Iowa. All national polls are showing Clinton as the top gun among the Democrats, and the CNN Democratic Presidential Debate in Las Vegas will give the chance to the other two top tier candidates to improve their odds on winning the nomination. Barack Obama comes second with odds 12/5 and third among the Democrats is John Edwards with odds 8/1.

 The odds on the top three Democratic presidential candidates are unlikely to change after the CNN debate in Las Vegas, unless one of them makes a huge mistake, something no one is expecting so close to the caucuses. Minor mistakes and "flip-flopping" has been tolerated so far by the bookmakers and bettors, clear example is Hillary Clinton's last party debate. Behind the three top Democrats comes Dennis Kucinich with odds to be chosen as the Democratic candidate for the 2008 US Presidential Election at 20/1, Joseph Biden is at 30/1 and Chris Dodd is trailing at 40/1. Keep in mind that usually the odds are driven by the number of bets placed on the candidates, i.e. the more people bet on Clinton, the smaller her odds will get.

 It's interesting to note that Bodog is playing it safe and has listed Al Gore with odds 5/1 to be chosen by the Democrats as their candidate, even though he has not announced he will run.

 The CNN Democratic Presidential Debate will start at 8:00 pm EST from Las Vegas, Nevada. Tune in to after the debate for the latest odds on the Democrats, as well as brief recap of the discussions.

 Published on 11/15/2007

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