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Stripper Milana Dravnel suing de la Hoya over drag photos

Milana Dravnel, the stripper who took the drag photos of Oscar de la Hoya is suing the fighter.

Stripper Milana Dravnel suing de la Hoya over drag photos The cross-dressing photos of boxer Oscar de la Hoya, which could be found all over the web, are bringing more trouble than initially appeared. The hot stripper, who claimed she took the pictures of de la Hoya in fish nets, Milana Dravnel, is now suing the fighter for $100 million, according to the New York Post. According to the newspaper, Milana Dravnel has filed a lawsuit in New York, naming Oscar de la Hoya and two unnamed defendants, for alleged fraud, defamation, interference with contract, infliction of emotional distress and undue influence. Allegedly de la Hoya has threatened Dravnel to keep silent and not publish the sassy photos.

 "They did everything they could to thwart her being able to sell this, saying they weren't real, photo-shopped, and that she didn't know what she was doing. That she was just a stripper. There were so many people involved. Phone calls from people saying they were FBI agents or speaking on behalf of FBI agents. They did everything. It's the perfect case of David against Goliath and she got Goliath Junior on their case," Milana Dravnel's attorney, Salvatore Strazullo, was quoted by the NY Post.

 Published on 11/15/2007

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