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Celebrity Apprentice betting odds released

Just a few days after we learned the cast of "Celebrity Apprentice", betting companies come out with odds on the winner.

Celebrity Apprentice betting odds released Just as we predicted when we published the cast of the new TV reality-show "Celebrity Apprentice" (see article here), the betting odds on the winner have already been published. The online sportsbook Bodog Sports was the first to jump on the celebrity edition of the very successful "Apprentice" show and has made Gene Simmons of Kiss the favorite to win with odds 9/2, meaning the bookie will pay $9 for every $2 bet. The second ranked in odds on winning "Celebrity Apprentice" was a real shocker - Omarosa, listed with odds 5/1. Omarosa was a controversial contestant during the 2004 Apprentice, but she got fired early in the show. This time around we believe they will keep Omarosa for a while, maybe to stir some controversy and raise the ratings of the show, but she will not be the winner of the Celebrity Apprentice.

 Actress-model Carol Alt comes in third place by betting odds with 8/1 and following Carol is America's Got Talent" judge Piers Morgan with odds on winning listed at 9/1. We were also surprised to see UFC Tito Ortiz and actor Stephen Baldwin as underdogs riding odds 15/1, but these are the initial betting props and they will change as the show progresses and some people got fired. Here are the remaining stars and their odds on winning the Celebrity Apprentice, as posted by Bodog Sports:

Lennox Lewis - 10/1

Tiffany Fallon - 10/1

Trace Adkins - 10/1

Marilu Henner - 11/1

Nely Galán - 12/1

Jennie Finch - 12/1

Vincent Pastore - 12/1

Tito Ortiz - 15/1

Nadia Comaneci - 15/1

Other betting props on the reality show include, if the winner will be male or female, with odds favoring a male contestant with money line -125 and female with line -115. The winner of the Celebrity Apprentice will get the chance to donate $250,000 to a charity of their choice. The Celebrity Apprentice will being on January 3rd 2008.

 Published on 11/21/2007

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