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YouTube Republican Presidential Debate to shift power and odds

The CNN/YouTube Republican Presidential Debate on Wednesday is expected to shift the odds on the top GOP candidates.

YouTube Republican Presidential Debate to shift power and odds Many things remaining questionable for the Wednesday's CNN/YouTube Republican presidential debate (will there be a question asked by a snowman), but one thing is certain - there will be a shift in the betting odds on the GOP presidential candidates by the end of the week. Things are heating up, mud is being thrown, advertisements in key states are on air, but the odds have not moved in quite a while. The Republican debate tomorrow is bound to change all this, with the odds on some of the GOP top dogs certain to be shortened.

 What is the current situation, a day before the CNN/YouTube Republican presidential debate? Well, Rudy Giuliani is still leading among the Republicans with odds posted by the online betting firm Bodog at 20/21 to be named as the Republican Candidate for the 2008 US Presidential Election. Mitt Romney comes second with odds 5/2, followed by Fred Thompson at 4/1 and John McCain at 5/1. Mike Huckabee has been getting some great poll numbers in the past couple of weeks and is a great bet with current odds 13/1 on being chosen as the Republican frontrunner. Odds on who among the Republicans will become the next U.S. President are as follows: Rudy Giuliani - 9/4, Fred Thompson - 6/1  and Mitt Romney at 8/1.

 What would the YouTube GOP debate change? We think that the odds on Rudy Giuliani will remain unchanged, but if you want to catch the bookie with its pants down, taking advantage of the current odds offers a great value. The Republican debate on Wednesday will "wake-up" the odds makers that were slacking in the past weeks to update the odds and we predict that Fred Thompson's odds will take a huge dive, as he is losing more and more of his supporters, based on the lack of any kind of campaign. Mitt Romney and John McCain could end up with the same odds, probably around 3/1 or 5/2 and the biggest winner (considering adequate debate tomorrow) will be Mike Huckabee, who is a steal with odds at 13/1 at this moment. As noted in many publications, Giuliani and Huckabee have avoided direct confrontation and many experts predict that Huckabee will ride on Giuliani's presidential ticket as the VP, assuming Rudy Giuliani wins the Republican bid. But while Giuliani, Romney and McCain are busy fighting among each other, Mike Huckabee is looking more and more like the cool-headed and nice guy - if you are Huckabee supporter - the current 13/1 odds are as good as they will ever get. Keep in mind that bookmakers do read and could adjust the odds sooner than the YouTube Republican presidential debate. Right now Mike Huckabee is 35/1 to win the 2008 Elections.

 We will continue to monitor the GOP odds and bring you the latest movements. The CNN/YouTube Republican presidential debate starts on Wednesday at 8:00pm and will be aired live on CNN, moderated by Anderson Cooper. All odds courtesy of Bodog Sports.

 Published on 11/27/2007

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