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Barack Obama nabs Oprah Winfrey endorsement

The Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama takes 2008 Elections battle to a new level with Oprah Winfrey endorsement.

Barack Obama nabs Oprah Winfrey endorsement One of the most influential women in America, Oprah Winfrey is endorsing the Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama. According to reports, Oprah Winfrey, long-time friend of the presidential candidate, will tour alongside Obama in Iowa and other key states, such as South Carolina and New Hampshire. The news that Oprah Winfrey endorsed Barack Obama and will campaign with him is hitting the odds makers and adjustment of his odds are soon to follow.

 His is currently listed at the online bookmaker Bodog Sports with odds to be chosen as the Democratic candidate for the 2008 US Presidential Election at 12/5, trailing behind Hilary Clinton at 1/6. Barack Obama comes third by odds at 5/1 to win the 2008 Presidential Elections, but with Oprah Winfrey behind him, he could easily sway votes away from Clinton in the upcoming weeks. Oprah is still regarded as the second-most-influential woman in the US, behind Hillary Clinton, and her endorsement is sure to hurt the New York Senator, while tremendously benefiting Obama.

 Published on 11/27/2007

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