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Chicago Bears vs. Washington Redskins: Point spread and odds

The point spread and betting odds preview of the Thursday NFL Week 14 game Chicago Bears vs. Washington Redskins.

Chicago Bears vs. Washington Redskins: Point spread and odds The NFL Week 14 will start with the game between the Chicago Bears (5-7) when they visit the Washington Redskins (5-7) on Thursday. Both the Bears and the Redskins lost their last games, but each team still has a chance to make it to the playoffs. The Washington Redskins will be looking to avoid losing fifth straight game and the bookies agree they would. At the online sportsbook Bodog Sports, the point spread on the Chicago Bears vs. Washington Redskins is currently sitting at -3 points chalk the Redskins with the total at 37 points. The Redskins are also odds favorite, at Bookmaker the betting line on Washington is -160 and the Bears will come out with underdogs odds of +140.

 The Washington Redskins will come out on the field on Thursday with slightly better stats, leading on the Chicago Bears in offense and defense with 330 yards per game and 314.6 yards allowed. The Bears offense does 301 yards per game and the D allows 355.9 yards on average. But as far as converting the yards, these two football teams come close. The Bears score 19.8 points and the Redskins 19.1 points. Washington allows 21.4 points per game and Chicago 22.7 points on average.

 Published on 12/05/2007

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