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Best Hatton odds in the U.K. and abroad to beat Mayweather

With the Hatton Mayweather fight two days away, we look at which U.K. bookmaker offers the best odds on Ricky Hatton to win.

Best Hatton odds in the U.K. and abroad to beat Mayweather When all is said and done, the biggest question in front of the punters this week is who offers the best odds on Hatton to beat Mayweather, especially in the U.K., where the British punters have driven the odds on Hatton down to the ground. Just for comparison, when we first began to watch the odds on the Hatton - Mayweather fight in the beginning of the week, Hatton was underdog with odds 13/8 at the British bookie Bet 365. Good luck finding these numbers now at any U.K. sportsbook. The best Hatton odds at the U.K. bookmakers we have found again at Bet 365, Ricky Hatton listed to win at 6/4, while most of the other British bookmakers have slashed his odds all the way down to 11/8. Mayweather has odds on winning at 4/7.

 At this point, the best bet for the British punters is to turn to another international online sportsbook - Bodog Sports. Rick Hatton currently has the best odds at Bodog, listed with a money line +185, which comes to 37/20 or 2.85 coefficient. Right now if you bet £100 on Hatton and he beats Maywheather, Bodog will pay out £185! Compare this with the best U.K. odds, which would pay out only £150 on a £100 bet. With the U.K. bookies slashing the odds on Hatton and the British punters looking for the best value for their pound, Bodog Sports is currently the top choice. Always visit for the best odds on all betting events, all over the world.

 Published on 12/07/2007

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