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Odds on: Who will be named TIME's Person Of The Year for 2007

The odds makers waste no time and the betting props for the 2007 TIME magazine Person of the Year award are now available.

Odds on: Who will be named TIME's Person Of The Year for 2007 We all got a little disappointed last year with TIME magazine and their choice of Person of the Year. But in 2007, we are actually looking forward to choosing a real person to take the prestigious award. And as usual, the bookmakers waste no time and the betting odds on who will be the 2007 TIME's Person of the Year are now published at the online sportsbook Bodog Sports. We have eight choices this year and right of the start, the favorite to win the TIME Magazine award is none other than Nobel Prize winner Al Gore. He is listed with odds on winning the award at 10/11, making the rest of the candidates long shots for becoming the 2007 Person of the Year. Al Gore's cons according to TIME - He may have won his Nobel and Oscar in 2007, but the bulk of his Green works were in 2006.

 But if you are a risk-taker, the odds on the rest of the nominees are looking good. Second comes "Harry Potter" franchise author J.K. Rowling, listed at 3/1 on being chosen by the mag, and she actually leads the poll 12,000+ votes ahead of Al Gore at this time. J.K. Rowings cons - Seventh book wasn't her best, and hard to argue she was the most important person of 2007. Third by odds comes Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president listed with odds on becoming the 2007 TIME's Person of the Year sitting at 11/2 and offering a great value for the bettor. He is currently No.3 in the poll, trailing behind Al Gore about 8,000 votes. Ahmadinejad's cons as posted on TIME - May not even be the most powerful or important leader in his own country.

 Here is the full list of betting odds on the 2007 TIME Magazine Person of the Year, as published by Bodog Sports:

J.K. Rowling - 3/1

Al Gore - 10/11

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - 11/2

Condoleeza Rice - 6/1

General David Petraeus - 15/2

Steve Jobs - 8/1

Vladimir Putin - 11/1

Hu Jintao - 11/1

2 or More People 4/1

 Unlike the Presidential Elections, your vote actually counts directly, so click here to go and cast yours for the 2007 Person of the Year.

 Published on 12/18/2007

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