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National Enquirer: John Edwards love child scandal

The National Enquirer is brewing the latest political scandal, John Edwards accused of having a love child.

National Enquirer: John Edwards love child scandal The National Enquirer is like an alligator - once the jaws lock, there is no way out. Earlier this year the NE reported on John Edwards and his affair with an unnamed woman from his campaign (follow the links below to read that story). Now, the latest John Edwards scandal - a love child. According to reports, the John Edwards love child scandal will run as part of the front cover of the National Enquirer on Wednesday, the picture was found on the Drudge Report. According to the cover, a woman is pregnant with John Edwards baby and is hiding. The story has not been confirmed or denied by the National Enquirer yet, watch for the magazine tomorrow and keep an eye on further developments in the John Edwards love child scandal.

 Meanwhile, the Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards is listed with odds on winning the party nomination at 8/1 at the online sportsbook Bodog Sports. At this time remains questionable if the love child scandal will cut the odds. The last time the National Enquirer accused Edwards of having an affair there was no movement in the political betting odds reflecting the story.

 Published on 12/18/2007

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