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Patriots - Giants: Tom Brady and Randy Moss undefeated

The New England Patriots won 38-35 against the New York Giants for a perfect NFL season.

Patriots - Giants: Tom Brady and Randy Moss undefeated The New England Patriots are now down on the NFL record books as the first team to go 16-0 in the regular season. The Pats won the Saturday's game against the New York Giants 38-35, thanks in part to Tom Brady, who rallied the team out of 12-point deficit deep into the third quarter. Many expected one thing from the Giants - to roll over and take it, including the bookmakers, who had listed the point spread at -14 points chalk the Pats, and even the Giants fans, who sold tickets to the New England supporters and missed one of the best games of the Giants this season.

 The Giants went as far as leading the Patriots 12 points (28-16) in the third quarter, but as it has always been with the Pats - the game isn't over until it's over. Tom Brady rallied the Patriots and Laurence Maroney danced his way to the end zone for 28-23, then with a 65-yard throw to Randy Moss New England took control of the game. Brady's 65-yard bullet was his 50th touchdown pass this season and Randy Moss' 23rd touchdown reception - just like that the Patriots broke two more records - the 49 TDs of Peyton Manning and the 22 TD receptions of Jerry Rice. Laurence Maroney was strolling again in the EZ to extend the Pats' lead to 10 points and Plaxico Burress closed for the Giants and the final score of 38-35. Now all that is left for the New England Patriots is to win the Super Bowl - once again favorite to do so with odds 1/3 at Bodog Sports.

 Published on 12/30/2007

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