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"American Idol" Season 7 Premier: Let the betting frenzy begin

The 7th season of the popular Fox show "American Idol" will start next week, odds makers are already rolling their sleeves.

"American Idol" Season 7 Premier: Let the betting frenzy begin The 7th season of one of the most successful reality TV shows - "American Idol" - is set to begin with a 2-night 4-hour season premier on Tuesday and Wednesday (15th and 16th of Jan.), of course, on Fox, you can catch the premier at 8:00pm EST. During the premier of the 7th season of America Idol we'll be able to meet the contestants and remember the judges, but for millions of viewers all over the world the premier of "American Idol" means one thing - let the betting frenzy begin! With millions of dollars in wagers placed on the last year's Idol and the popularity the show gains season after season, you can bet the action this year will be enormous and will set wagering records at all major bookies.

 We, as usual, will be right here with fresh news and updates of all betting odds offered on the reality show, and today we will start with the early look at some betting sheets. Faster then ever, the British bookmakers have already started the betting on the season 7 of American Idol. At the U.K. licensed online sportsbook Bet 365 (sorry, no USA bettors allowed) the odds are already opened, even though the only betting prop is on the gender of the American Idol winner. Both male and female are currently paying out odds 5/6. But worry none, as soon as we meet the Idol contestants next week, betting odds will be published on each one of them, as well as some extra props to keep you occupied during the show. A North American online sportsbook to watch for American Idol odds is Bodog Sports (new window), which was the leader in American Idol odds last year and would not step down in Season 7 either. Good luck to all!

 Published on 01/12/2008

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