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NFL playoffs: Chargers - Colts final result 28-24

The San Diego Chargers beat the Indianapolis Colts 28-24, bookies pay out big to the lucky bettors.

NFL playoffs: Chargers - Colts final result 28-24 From the very beginning of the NFL playoff game between the San Diego Charges and the Indianapolis Colts one thing became certain - it was not going to be an easy game for the Colts. Even though the Colts managed to open the score with a touchdown in the first quarter, the Chargers were leading four points by the end of the third and the bookies began to worry. The AFC teams exchanged a touchdown each in the fourth quarter and it was all in the hand of Payton Manning. At 4th and goal with 2:01 remaining on the clock, Manning failed to receive the much needed coverage for completion and the Chargers took the ball and the game to meet the New England Patriots for the AFC Championship final.

 Along with the Chargers, another big winner emerged this afternoon - the bettors who backed up San Diego to win the divisional playoff game. The online sportsbook Bodog Sports had the odds on the Chargers to win the game at +355 or the big underdog of the Sunday playoffs. Now the bookie will have to pay out 355 on every 100 bet. Prior to the game, the Colts were listed with the ultimate favorite odds of -455, as well as -9 points favorite on the spread. Last the total expected in the Chargers vs. Colts game was sitting at 49.5 points, i.e. bookmakers will pay out on OVER odds.

 Published on 01/13/2008

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