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AFC Championship opening odds: San Diego at New England

The opening betting odds on who will win the 2008 AFC Championship, the Patriots favorite against the Chargers.

AFC Championship opening odds: San Diego at New England In a Sunday full of upsets, the Colts left the NFL playoffs beaten 28-24 by the San Diego Chargers, who in turn will have to do the impossible this season - bet the New England Patriots for the 2008 AFC title. The game between the San Diego Chargers and the New England Patriots will start next Sunday, January 20th, at 3:00pm EST from Gillette Stadium and you can watch it live on CBS. And there is no question who is the favorite, the New England Patriots are listed with odds to win the AFC Championship of 1/4 at the online sportsbook Bodog Sports, while the Chargers will continue to hold underdog odds, this time posted as 12/1 at the bookie. San Diego remains underdog as well to win the Super Bowl with odds 20/1 and the Patriots are the favorite to win the Bowl with odds 20/37.

 Looking back at the AFC Championship odds, the Patriots were the favorite to win the AFC Championship before the playoff games started, on Dec 31st the odds on the Pats were -250. The Chargers are an upset not only for the Colts, but also for the bookies - San Diego opened this year with odds to win the AFC at +1500, which means the bookie will have to pay 1,500 on every 100 bet, granted the Chargers win the AFC. Not much action for those betting on the Chargers and Patriots before the start of the regular season, beginning of August 2007 the odds on San Diego to win the AFC opened at 7/2 and the Patriots opened at 11/10 at Bodog Sports.

 Published on 01/13/2008

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