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Matthew McConaughey to be a father, David Spade could be too

Matthew McConaughey announced he will be a dad soon, Playmate Jillian Grace claims David Spade will be, too.

Matthew McConaughey to be a father, David Spade could be too It's Fathers Day today in the celebrity circle with news coming out of Hollywood, including Matthew McConaughey and David Spade. First the "good news", Matthew McConaughey announced today that his girlfriend, Brazilian model Camila Alves, is pregnant with his child. McConaughey posted the following on his website: "My girlfriend Camila and I made a baby together. it's 3 months growin in her womb and all looks healthy and lively so far. We are stoked and wowed by this miracle...from moms and dads, to family to community it takes the best will and support from everyone to raise the healthiest children we have in society..." Great news for Matthew McConaughey and girlfriend Camila Alves, they seem pretty happy about it and are already looking forward raising their child, considering he was the son of parents who divorced each other twice before marrying a third time, and has not rushed into marriage yet. But with the new baby, wedding bells for Matthew McConaughey could be in the works.

 Meanwhile Jillian Grace, a Playboy Playmate Miss March 2005, also announced her pregnancy and claims that the father of her baby is the actor David Spade. Spade was quoted by TMZ saying: "I had a brief relationship with Jillian Grace. If it is true that I am the father of her child, then I will accept responsibility." Obviously David Spade is not as happy about fatherhood as McConaughey is. Expect paternity tests, lawsuits and child support, if true.

 Published on 01/16/2008

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