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Randy Moss slapped with restraining order, denies accusations

New England Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss has been slapped with a restraining order.

Randy Moss slapped with restraining order, denies accusations Randy Moss, New England Patriots wide receiver, has been hit with a temporary restraining order, following a domestic violence allegation from a woman, whose name is not yet known. The report of the Randy Moss restraining order comes from a Florida radio station and has not been confirmed yet by any officials. According to the report, the woman is accusing the NFL player of battery on her and then refused to allow her to seek medical attention. Citing an affidavit out of Broward County, Fla., Randy Moss is not allowed to come within 500 feet of the woman and use or posses a firearm. This is the second time Randy Moss stands accused of domestic violence and according to the radio station, hearing in the case is scheduled for January 28th.

 Meanwhile the Patriots wide receiver denied all allegation made by the woman. According to Randy Moss, a female friend is trying to extort money from him and making a false accusation that he injured her. "For someone to make a false claim about me, I'm kind furious. It kind of hurts me deep inside for someone to do something like that, because I've always said time and time again that I am going to stand up for what's right. If I'm right, I'm right. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong," Moss commented to reporters on the restraining order. Rand Moss has not been arrested or charged with any crime by the authorities, which raises suspicions that the woman may not be telling the truth.

 Published on 01/16/2008

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