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Lindsay Lohan gets 2 days in the morgue

As part of her community service, troubled actress Lindsay Lohan must work 2 days in a morgue.

Lindsay Lohan gets 2 days in the morgue As part of her plea agreement in August for charges from two separate DUI incidents, Lindsay Lohan will spend two days working four-hour shifts in a morgue. Parts of the plea agreement reached last year called for rehab, community service and jail. And so far Lindsay has done the first and the last - she spent 84 minutes in jail, released early due to overcrowding, and has completed a two-month long rehab program. Lohan also did some community service with the Red Cross, but to complete her court-ordered requirements, Lindsay Lohan must also work two four-hour shifts in a hospital emergency room, as well as at a morgue.

 This community service was created to show the offenders the ramifications of driving under the influence and Lohan's attorney, Blair Berk, told a judge Thursday that the 21-year-old actress will soon start her work at the morgue, its location at this time remains unknown. Lindsay Lohan was also sentenced to 36 month of probation and must complete an 18-month alcohol-education program.

 Published on 01/18/2008

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