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2008 Super Bowl betting odds before the Championship games

The betting odds on the 2008 Super Bowl winner offer the most value before the AFC and NFC Championship games.

2008 Super Bowl betting odds before the Championship games With less than a day away from learning which two of the final four teams will go to the 2008 Super Bowl, this may be the last chance for bettors to cash in on good odds this football season. Both the Chargers and the Giants are underdogs in their respective Championship games and if an upset happens on Sunday, now is the last chance for the bettors all over the world to get the numbers we have found. At the online sportsbook Bodog Sports, the odds on the San Diego Chargers to win the Super Bowl are currently posted at 8/1 and the odds on the Giants to win the Super Bowl XLII are also listed at 8/1.

 The New England Patriots remain the undisputed favorite to win the 2008 Super Bowl game, listed with betting odds 1/3 and if the Pats win the AFC Championship game against the Chargers tonight, their odds will likely be cut further. The odds on the Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl are listed at 67/20 at the online bookie, and if they win the NFC Championship, their odds will also be cut down some more before the 2008 Super Bowl. Therefore, for those who bet against either of the favorite football teams in their Championship games, today will be the last time you will see 8/1 odds. Visit Bodog Sports to see more Super Bowl props or to place a wager on the teams, major currencies accepted, including Pound and Euro, as well as big bonuses for new customers.

 Published on 01/20/2008

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