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Super Bowl Patriots: Tom Brady optimistic for Sunday

Long-rumored ankle injury will not prevent Super Bowl participation, claims New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Super Bowl Patriots: Tom Brady optimistic for Sunday During the past week, it would have been easier to get the combination lock to Dick Cheney's man-sized safe, then get a straight answer from New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick regarding the ankle injury of star-quarterback Tom Brady. Photos in the media of Brady's leg cast a week before the Super Bowl game send bettors in a frenzy, making the New York Giants the most bet on team through the week. But the odds makers did their best not to lengthen the odds on the Patriots too much and they once again proved right.

 During a short press conference, following the arrival of the New England football team in Arizona, coach Belichick was short on words, but Tom Brady shed some optimism by saying: "It’s feeling good [the ankle]. I’ll be ready to go. I think we need three great days of practice, which I hope to be participating in. I hope. It’s a couple of days away. But I’m feeling better." Will Tom Brady play in the 2008 Super Bowl? It's still hard to say, but the odds are definitely on his side. At the online sportsbook Bodog Sports, the point spread on the Super Bowl game remains the lowest offered on the web, sitting at -11.5 points chalk the New England Patriots. Earlier today you could have caught -11 offer, but once Tom Brady got to speak, the point spread was quickly adjusted. At Bookmaker the Super Bowl point spread is already -12 and the Patriots are paying out on -460 odds.

 Published on 01/28/2008

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