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Mitt Romney and John McCain favorite in Florida

The Florida Republican primaries will be a battle between John McCain and Mitt Romney, say the odds makers.

Mitt Romney and John McCain favorite in Florida The Florida Republican primary is tomorrow (Tuesday) and two big favorites will enter the scene - odds makers have John McCain and Mitt Romney locked in a tight race for the state's delegates. And although most of the polls show John McCain leading by a few percentage points, the odds makers beg to differ. At the online sportsbook Bodog Sports, Mitt Romney is the undisputed favorite, locked the odds of 2/5 to win the Republican Florida primary, followed by John McCain, who is listed with odds 1/1.

 The barrage of attacks between Mitt Romney and John McCain continue, this time in Florida the nuance is "liberal". Romney is accusing McCain on a climate-change bill that his GOP rival has supported with Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman, saying the legislation will result in a tax increase, as well as the Arizona senator’s role in campaign finance bill and the failed immigration reform bills. John McCain responded by calling Romney's campaign a "wholesale deception of voters" and accused Romney of flip-flopping.

 All the bickering among the top Republicans in Clinton-Obama style could help the other GOP top-dog, Mike Huckabee, who is trailing behind his Republican rivals in the polls and on the betting sheets, Huckabee holding odds to win the Florida primary at 20/1. And let's not forget about Rudy Giuliani, who, after an awful start, is banking heavily on Florida, which is a must win for the former New York City mayor. At Bodog Sports, the odds on Giuliani are currently sitting at 11/10.

 Published on 01/28/2008

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