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2008 Formula 1: Odds to win the Drivers Championship published

The odds on who will win the 2008 Formula 1 Drivers Championship have already been published online.

2008 Formula 1: Odds to win the Drivers Championship published One of the good things about the online odds makers is that the odds on sporting events starting as far as a few months are published well in advance and the wise (or lucky) punter has the chance to hit a big win with these types of future odds. And the 2008 Formula 1 season, although months away from starting, is no different and the bookies have published their odds on who will win the Drivers Championship this year. Lets start the Formula One odds preview with the U.K. online bookmaker Bet 365 (no USA bettors accepted), where the favorite Formula 1 driver is by far Kimi Raikkonen, listed with odds 6/4 to win the 2008 Formula 1 Drivers Championship.

 Following Raikkonen comes Lewis Hamilton, who holds odds to win 15/8 and Felipe Massa with odds 5/1. Fernando Alonso is underdog among the top F-1 drivers with 6/1 odds on winning the Championship among the Formula 1 drivers. Fernando Alonso, however, was honored by the British bookmaker and extra betting prop has been dedicated to him. The odds on when will Alonso gain his first podium in 2008 are favoring the first race in the F-1 2008 line-up, namely the Australian Grand Prix with odds 5/2, then the Malaysian Grand Prix with odds 4/1 and the Bahrain Grand Prix with odds 6/1.

 A quick look at the 2008 Formula 1 odds at the North American online sportsbooks Bodog Sports and the offerings aren't much different. At Bodog Sports, Kimi Raikkonen is also the favorite to win the 2008 Formula 1 Drivers Championship with odds 7/4, followed by Lewis Hamilton at 2/1. Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso are tied with odds 6/1.

 Published on 01/30/2008

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