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American Idol: Top 10 boys tonight and odds on elimination

The next chapter of "American Idol" continues tonight with the 10 male performers.

American Idol: Top 10 boys tonight and odds on elimination Despite lower rating numbers than expected, the "American Idol" continues tonight at 8:00pm EST with the "Top 10 Boys", which would still draw millions of viewers to the popular reality competition. Following the last week's elimination of two girls and two boys, all remaining ten male singers will perform for you tonight and we have some odds on the show for you.

 The North American facing online odds makers are still cautious to publish odds on the American Idol contestants, but the bookmaker BodogLife attempts to make it as entertainment for their punter as possible. People can wager on funny props, such as if a contestant would kiss Paula Abdul during a live performance on American Idol 7, "no" being the favorite choice with odds -500 or will a contestant sit on Simon Cowell's lap during a live performance on American Idol, "yes" paying out on +550 odds.

 The British bookmakers, however, are leading the American Idol odds this year. Although the U.K. licensed bookie Bet365 does not allow U.S. customers, it's helpful for the fans to see how the sportsbooks perceive the direction of the show. Bet365 has posted odds on tonight's American Idol, starting with which two males will be eliminated next - Chikezie Eze and Jason Yeager being the favorite to be voted off the American Idol first with odds 8/13 and 6/5, respectively. Luke Menard follows them with odds 5/4 and David Hernandez with 6/4 comes next to be eliminated, if the odds match the outcome. Judging by the numbers, Michael Johns and David Archuleta seem to be the less likely two male singers to be voted off next with odds 28/1 and 33/1 respectively. Britons can also wager on which two females will be eliminated next from American Idol, Alexandrea Lushington at 4/6 and Alaina Whitaker with odds 4/5 being the most likely two.

 Published on 02/26/2008

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