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Man in Vegas ricin case identified as Roger Von Bergendorff

Man in Vegas ricin case identified as Roger Von Bergendorff The man in whose Las Vegas motel room police found the deadly toxin "ricin" has been identified as Roger Von Bergendorff. He is the man who was hospitalized after exposure to the toxin and the FBI and other agencies are trying desperately to piece together how and why Roger Von Bergendorff was in possession of the ricin found at his motel room. To add to the mystery, police said they have found firearms and what was described as "anarchist-type textbook", in the same Las Vegas motel room Bergendorff rented. Police and health officials have insisted there was no apparent link to terrorist activity. The Las Vegas police was not immediately releasing more information on the ricin case.

 Meanwhile Thomas Tholen, cousin of Roger Von Bergendorff and the one sharing the motel room with him, said that Bergendorff is "holding his own". Tholen was the one who found the ricin at the motel room and alerted the manager. Reports suggest that both Tholen and Bergendorff are from Utah and share the same residence in that state, as well.

 Published on 03/01/2008

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