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American Idol: David Hernandez stripper scandal

American Idol: David Hernandez stripper scandal The American Idol 7 scandals continue, today the hottest topic is contestant David Hernandez and his past as a stripper in Phoenix. After racy photo scandals about Ramiele Malubay and Amanda Overmyer (see links below), it was about time for a male contestant on the American Idol to hit the spot light. According to the latest reports, a manager of a male strip-club in Phoenix, Arizona, claims that "Idol" contestant David Hernandez used to take his clothes off at his joint.

 Gordy Bryan, manager of the Dick's Cabaret strip club in AZ, told the media that David Hernandez worked as a stripper at his club in the past, appearing fully nude and performing lap dances for the club's mostly male patrons. He also said that Hernandez was employed full time from 2004 until 2007. "He had the look and the type that people like, so he made pretty good money here," the manager of the strip club said, adding "He never renewed his licensing with the state, so he hasn't been on my roster since then."

 Fox has not commented yet and it's unknown if David Hernandez stripper job would disqualify him from American Idol. Last season Antonella Barba was allowed to continue, after racy photos of her were discovered, but in 2003 Frenchie Davis was cut off, after appearing on adult websites. David Hernandez is scheduled to sing with the rest of the boys on the tonight's American Idol. At the online sportsbook BodogLife David Hernandez is in the golden middle with odds to win American Idol at 28/1.

 Published on 03/04/2008

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