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David Hernandez gay stripper scandal unfolded

David Hernandez gay stripper scandal unfolded The latest American Idol scandal is slowly evolving into the hottest topic on the web - David Hernandez was a stripper at a gay club in Phoenix. Considering the attention this news is getting today, hours before the male contestants perform on the tonight's American Idol episode, everything else looks like a child's play. The Amanda Overmyer's DUI and possible racy photos, combined with the Ramiele Malubay questionable Facebook picture, combined don't even scratch the controversy already in the brewing with David Hernandez and his former employment as a dancer at a gay club in Phoenix, Arizona.

 The story broke rather unexpected - a website called "" and focusing on the American Idol contestants with less chance to win (while quite entertaining during the show), posted pictures of David Hernandez, shirtless while tending bar, as well as other somewaht-racy photos of the American Idol hopeful, back on February 23rd (see picture). But it wasn't until today, when the story got national attention, with the owner of a strip club called "Dick's Cabaret" gave an interview to the AP, claiming Hernandez worked as his club as a stripper for three years, quitting the job right before the 7th season of the American Idol, but after his audition on July 30 of last year. The owner of the male strip club, Gordy Bryan, told reporters that David Hernandez stripped down fully nude during his performances and also gave lap dances to the club's "mostly male" patrons.

 Naturally, there is nothing wrong with being gay, working at a gay bar or even stripping on your own free will. But considering that former American Idol contestants have been thrown out of the show for racy photos (Antonella Barba on the last season of American Idol) and appearing on an adult website (2003 favorite Frenchie Davis), dancing nude may be enough to get you out of the American Idol competition. At this time neither David Hernandez, nor the producers of American Idol had commented on his past occupation, but the bookmakers are quick to react - there is money on the line. The online sportsbook BodogLife quickly adjusted the odds on David Hernandez to win American Idol from 20/1 to 28/1 and now the odds maker is expected to publish odds related to the David Hernandez stripper scandal. David Hernandez is scheduled to sing tonight, don't miss this episode of American Idol or you'll be left out of the office gossiping tomorrow.

 Published on 03/04/2008

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