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Hulk Hogan with new girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel

Hulk Hogan with new girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel Things are getting really complicated with former wrestler Hulk Hogan and his romantic life, now it seems that Christiane Plante is out and a new girlfriend by the mane of Jennifer McDaniel is in. The couple are reportedly now an item and were spotted on the picture arriving at LAX airport. Conflicting reports are coming out on many blogs and gossip websites, pictures of Jennifer McDaniel are being confused with pictures of Christiane Plante, so here is the scoop on how to spot the difference between Hulk Hogan's girlfriends - Jennifer McDaniel is blond and pretty much a copy of his daughter Brooke, while former girlfriend Christiane Plante is brunette and a friend of Hogan's daughter Brooke.

 Hulk Hogan and his new girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel were spotted at the Los Angeles airport, as well as partying at Foxtail restaurant in Hollywood and is safe to assume that Jennifer McDaniel has already replaced the companionship of Hogan's ex wife Linda, who slapped Hulk with divorce papers in November of last year. At this time there is little information about Hulk Hogan's girlfriend, all it's known is that Jennifer McDaniel is an actress.

 Published on 04/01/2008

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