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3rd-graders plot to kill their teacher in Waycross, Georgia

3rd-graders plot to kill their teacher in Waycross, Georgia This story comes a bit on the wild and extreme side of the spectrum in teacher-student relations - eleven 3rd-graders in Waycross, Georgia, have been arrested by the police for plotting to kill their teacher. The story gets harder and harder to believe - according to the local police, 11 of the 12 children in the special education class at Center Elementary School in Waycross, Georgia, made detailed plans to kill their teacher and each of the eleven 3rd-graders had an assigned specific task to perform during and after the plotted murder, one of the children was even assigned cleaning the blood after the teacher's death.

 Investigators confiscated steak knife, paperweight, handcuffs, and gloves from the maniacal 3rd-graders and all have been arrested. Police says that the plot to murder the teacher was a result of an incident in which the teacher disciplined a student in the class for standing on a chair and the point of the murder was revenge. Police say one student ended the alleged plot by tipping off authorities. Under Georgia law the students are too young to be charged with the crime.

 Published on 04/02/2008

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