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NHL Playoffs: Red Wings and Penguins with favorite odds to win

NHL Playoffs: Red Wings and Penguins with favorite odds to win During NHL Playoffs packed with surprises one thing remains constant - the favorite teams to win the 2008 Stanley Cup Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins. The Red Wings locked Western Conference semi-final after 4-2 record against bottom-seeded Nashville Predators and will meet the winner of the seventh game between the San Jose Sharks and the Calgary Flames. Facing elimination the Flames rallied in their last game against the Sharks to beat San Jose 0-2 and earn the right at one more shot at the NHL Playoffs. At the online sportsbook BetUS (new window) the Flames are +2000 to win the Stanley Cup and the Sharks are still one of the favorite teams in the NHL Playoffs with odds +550. But the winner of the final NHL Playoffs game between these two teams will have to face the ultimate favorite for the 08 Stanley Cup, the Detroit Red Wings, sitting comfortably on odds +260 at BetUS.

 More shockers in the Western Conference playoffs, with the Colorado Avalanche securing a semi-final against Dallas Stars, who delivered an unbelievable upset to the last year's Stanley Cup winner, the Anaheim Ducks, kicking the champ out of the early phase of the NHL Playoffs. The victory in the 6th game shot the Stars all the way up to odds +800 to win the Stanley Cup Championship, while Colorado are sitting on long odds +1200.

 The NHL Playoffs in the Eastern Conference are hardly deprived of uncertainty, either. The Pittsburgh Penguins incontestably secured further advancement into the Stanley Cup chase with 4-0 record against the Ottawa Senators and now the Penguins are +350 to win the Championship at BetUS. Keep in mind that before the start of the NHL Playoffs, the Senators held favorite odds of 7/2 along with the Detroit Red Wings. The Penguins will meet with the winner of the final playoff game between Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins. Yes, the 8-seeded Bruins are still holding on against the top seed Montreal, but according to the odds makers the current playoff situation is just a "glitch" - the Bruins are the underdog of the NHL Playoffs with odds to win the Cup at +4000, while the Montreal Canadiens are listed at +800.

 And finally, the New York Rangers met little resistance against the New Jersey Devils, winning the Eastern Conference semifinal berth with 4-1 record. The Rangers are one of the favorite teams with odds to win the 2008 Stanley Cup Championship of +650. They in turn will play against the winner of the playoff match-up between the Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Flyers, and in the spirit of uncertainty surrounding the 2008 NHL Playoffs, the Flyers lead 3-2 on the Capitals. This turn of events cut the odds on the Philadelphia Flyers to +1400 to win the Stanley Cup, while the odds on the Capitals were stretched to +3500 at the online bookmaker BetUS.

 The 2008 NHL Playoffs will continue today with the battles Boston Bruins vs. Montreal Canadians and Washington Capitals vs. Philadelphia Flyers.

 Published on 04/21/2008

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