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American Idol - David Archuleta still favorite to win the Idol

American Idol - David Archuleta still favorite to win the Idol Over the past few weeks the number of American Idol contestants shrunk in half from a dozen down to the last six. And even though David Cook pulled out some brilliant performances in the past episodes, David Archuleta remains the favorite to become the winner of the American Idol 7. At the online bookmaker BetUS (new window), David Archuleta was the prime-choice from day one and it seems the mind of the bookie is made up - Archuleta will win the Idol, listed with favorite odds -150. At some other online odds makers David Cook is tied with Archuleta, but at BetUS Cook is behind him with odds +150 (meaning the bookmaker will pay out extra $150 on every $100 wagered). And the battle for American Idol supremacy will obviously rage between the two "Davids" - the next on the betting sheets is Jason Castro who holds long odds +800 to win American Idol.

 The current underdog among the American Idol contestants is Syesha Mercado with odds +4000, i.e. the sportsbook will pay $4,000 on just $100 bet, if Mercado wins the Idol. Naturally, Syesha Mercado is the favorite to be the next American Idol contestant to be voted off the show, listed with odds +125 at BetUS. The bookmaker has posted odds +200 on Carly Smithson to go home next and if Brooke White, frequent bottom-three visitor, is eliminated next from American Idol, punters would be paid on +225. It's highly unlikely that these American Idol odds will move before the next performance round, but they could very well change drastically afterwards, so make sure to place your wagers sooner.

 Published on 04/21/2008

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