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Pennsylvania primary results have Hillary Clinton as winner

Pennsylvania primary results have Hillary Clinton as winner Early Pennsylvania primary results have given enough data to the major networks to declare Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as the winner of the elections. CNN has declared Clinton the winner of the Pennsylvania Democratic primary with just 22% of the precincts reporting results. According to the network, Clinton is winning with 53% of the votes, compared to Barack Obama with 47%. Keep in mind that the actual margin will not be known until all Pennsylvania precincts have reported their official results. Statistical results show so far that Hillary Clinton was winning big among voters over age 45, who made up 70% of the Pennsylvania primary electorate, while Barack Obama was winning in Philadelphia and its suburbs, but those areas only accounted for just 32% of the overall Democratic electorate.

 It was a must-win day for Hillary Clinton in order for the former First Lady to stay relevant in the Democratic presidential race. Following the Pennsylvania victory, the battle between the top Democrats will move to North Carolina and Indiana.

 Not surprisingly, the odds makers were once again right on target. Bookmakers such as BetUS (new window) and BodogLife had Clinton the ultimate favorite to win the Pennsylvania primary with odds -270, while Barack Obama was a big underdog with odds +180. According to the results published by the bookmakers, most of the bettors favored Clinton all the way until the primary.

 Published on 04/22/2008

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