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Obama's bitter comments make Clinton the Pennsylvania favorite

Obama's bitter comments make Clinton the Pennsylvania favorite The infamous "bitter" comments made by the Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama will likely cost him the primary in Pennsylvania on April 22nd. "It is not surprising that they (rural Pennsylvanians) get bitter (over losing their jobs) and turn to guns or religion or antipathy," was the so-called "Obama bitter" comment, which is now seriously endangering his chances to pick up the victory in Pennsylvania and started a buzz on the Internet unseen after the "Obama girl".  Following the "wrong wording" by the leading Democratic presidential hopeful, the online bookmaker BodogSports quickly cut the odds on Hillary Clinton to win the primary in Pennsylvania on the 22nd. According to the odds makers, Hillary Clinton is now -270 favorite to win the upcoming Democratic primary, while the odds on Barack Obama to recover and come out victorious are slim +180.

 Naturally Hillary Clinton does not miss the chance to put in a few good blows onto her opponent's campaign. At a late afternoon rally in Goldsboro, N.C., a dozen or so audience members were seen wearing computer-printed stickers with the slogan "I'm not bitter." Later Clinton campaign staff eventually acknowledged that the stickers were printed by members of their North Carolina team and distributed at the rally, obviously keeping the "bitter" remark alive in attempt to do as much damage as possible to the Obama campaign in North Carolina. Still, in a long run, the odds makers continue to put their money on Barack Obama to win the Democratic nomination, listed with odds 2/11 at BodogSports, compared to the long odds on Hillary Clinton at 23/4.

 Published on 04/13/2008

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