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Bookmaker posts odds on NFL arrests, who's next?

Bookmaker posts odds on NFL arrests, who's next? How does the NFL off-season go - some will be drafted, some will be traded, some will be cut and a whole bunch of players will be arrested. And now the online bookmaker BetUS is joining in on the action and is offering betting props on the next NFL player to get busted. Whenever the NFL off-season rolls around the league and its fans begin to hold their breath. The reason for this being that history has shown a pattern of bad behavior on behalf of the league's players. In the past, incidents with big name stars like Michael Vick, Ricky Williams, and just about every member of the Bengals that have either landed them in jail, or in the courtroom have made off-season drama the rule and not the exception.

 The recent arrest of Colts running back Kenton Keith and incidents involving other NFL'ers have shown that this off-season is no different. This being the case fans across the country are wondering who will be next, and what will they get in trouble for. Looking for answers they have been flooding to one of the largest sportsbooks on the web, BetUS, where oddsmakers have posted odds on all things NFL player behavior.

 "The NFL is part of the fabric of the lives of fans in America and their interest in their teams and players goes far beyond the field," said BetUS spokesman Reed Richards. "This is illustrated by the number of fans who come to us looking for analysis and predictive information regarding which star or team will be in hot water next."

Oddsmakers at BetUS posted the following odds on NFL player behavior:

Team to have next player arrested:
Dallas Cowboys 15/1
New York Giants 25/1
Philadelphia Eagles 15/1
Washington Redskins 25/1
Buffalo Bills 25/1
Miami Dolphins 10/1
New England Patriots 25/1
New York Jets 25/1
Arizona Cardinals 25/1
San Francisco 49ers 25/1
Seattle Seahawks 25/1
St Louis Rams 25/1
Denver Broncos 20/1
Kansas City Chiefs 20/1
Oakland Raiders 20/1
San Diego Chargers 25/1
Chicago Bears 25/1
Detroit Lions 18/1
Green Bay Packers 25/1
Minnesota Vikings 20/1
Baltimore Ravens 25/1
Cincinnati Bengals 5/1
Cleveland Browns 25/1
Atlanta Falcons 8/1
Carolina Panthers 25/1
New Orleans Saints 25/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 25/1
Houston Texans 25/1
Indianapolis Colts 15/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 25/1
Tennessee Titans 25/1

Next NFL player arrested will be for
DUI 3/1
Robbery 15/1
Assault 4/1
Tax evasion 25/1
Dog fighting 20/1
Drug possession 2/1
Firearm possession 4/1
Breaking and entering 10/1

Will there be more arrest in the 08-09Reg Season or Offseason
Regular Season 5/12
Offseason 19/10

Total Number of In-Season Arrests
Over 7.5 2/3
Under 7.5 11/10

Will an NFL Player be arrest multiple times before end of 08-09 Regular Season
Yes 5/8
No 1/1

Next Professional Sport to Have an athlete arrested
NFL 2/3
NBA 2/1
MLB 5/1
NHL 8/1

 Published on 04/28/2008

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