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Odds on how high could oil prices get published

Odds on how high could oil prices get published Whether you drive SUV getting 13 mpg or not, the high gas prices are affecting you in every aspect of your daily life. Some people turn on the TV on in the afternoon simply to see how high the oil prices got that day and how much more expensive their life will become tomorrow. Oil prices have been fluctuating for almost a year now driving gas prices in the US and elsewhere through the roof. That much is not news. What is news however is the fact that oil prices rose sharply Friday on news that a ship under contract to the U.S. Defense Department fired warning shots at two boats in the Persian Gulf. Retail gas prices as expected rose further into record territory nearing $3.60 a gallon.

 With tension and speculation in America rising as exponentially as the prices themselves, one of the most popular sportsbooks on the web, BetUS, posted odds on just where the ceiling is with regard to oil prices. "With news of the warning shots being fired spreading, site users and those curious and or worried alike have been flooding our site. The fact is, people know we are an unbiased, accurate source for predictive information ranging from everything from sports, politics, and international news. We feel obliged to provide accurate, up to the minute information," stated BetUS spokesman Reed Richards.

And yes, the oddsmakers at BetUS posted the following odds on the world's oil prices:

Nymex Crude price 31-12-08 o/u $129
USD v Euro price 31-12-08 o/u 0.67
USD v GBP price 31-12-08 o/u 0.49
Average price of gas in US at the pump 31-12-08 o/u $4.17

 Are oil prices going up - you bet!

 Published on 04/28/2008

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