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Will oil prices hit $100 per barrel - you bet

With oil prices getting close to $100 per barrel, the bookmakers are posting odds on when it will happen.

Will oil prices hit $100 per barrel - you bet The rising oil prices are soon to hurt everyone's pocket, but the odds makers are offering an alternative. The online betting company Bodog Sports has posted odds and betting props on the oil and gas prices, giving bettors all over the world a chance to get a free tank of gasoline (maximum bet is $50). The numbers we are about to show you will either make you laugh or send you to the nearest Prius dealership to get one of those hybrid-electric vehicles.

 At the bookie, the odds on when will the price of oil surpass $100 a barrel favor the weeks Nov 30th - Dec 6th and Dec 7th - Dec 13th, listed with odds 7/2 on barrel of oil to trade above $100 on the New York Mercantile Exchange. According to Bodog, it is highly unlikely to see the oil prices go above the $100 mark before November 15th, odds at 11/2. Other betting odds on the oil price per barrel include: what will be the closing price of Oil on December 31st 2007, over $102.75 a barrel listed at +250 and under $102.75 favorite with odds -400.

 Have you ever wondered, while pumping gas, when would you have to pay over $4 per gallon? Well, if the bookmakers know anything about gas prices (which they don't), the US National Average price par gallon of unleaded will not reach the $4 mark this year. According to Bodog Sports, the odds on this to happen are most favorable during the month of April 2008 posted at 3/1. When will you pay over $5 for a gallon of gasoline - best chances are between April and June of next year with odds 1/1. Visit Bodog Sports to see the full list of odds and betting props on the oil and gasoline prices.

 Published on 11/11/2007

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