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New Orleans Hornets surpass the Spurs in the playoffs

New Orleans Hornets surpass the Spurs in the playoffs Once again the New Orleans Hornets beat the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA playoffs, this time by almost 20 points for the final 102-84. The gain is not just on the court but in the moral of the New Orleans team, which now leads the series 2-0, something hardly expected by almost anyone, not to mention the bookmakers. And now the odds on the New Orleans Hornets have been upgraded, surpassing the Spurs in their chance to win the 2008 NBA Championship. Before the start of the playoffs, the New Orleans Hornets were listed with odds to win the NBA Finals at 11/1 with the online sportsbook BodogSports and the San Antonio Spurs were one of the favorites for the title with odds 6/1. At the time it was no-brainer - the Spurs were the last year's champion, after all. But how quickly the tables turn - following the second victory in the playoffs, the New Orleans Hornets were upgraded and now are sitting on 5/1 odds, while the San Antonio Spurs are now holding odds 8/1 on winning the NBA Championship, fifth overall in odds.

 How drastic was the change of odds could also be illustrated by the Western Conference Championship odds. Before the playoffs, the Hornets were at 12/1 to win the conference title, while the San Antonio Spurs held favorite odds of 9/5. Today the Spurs are at 9/2, edging only the Jazz (7/1), while the New Orleans Hornets at 9/4 are contending the Lakers, who are at 4/7. And if the Hornets win the Thursday game against the Spurs, we may see even shorter odds on New Orleans entering Game 4, so if you like the current odds, you better act quick, the Hornets are on fire.

 Published on 05/06/2008

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