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Nomination race over, Hillary Clinton to "drop out" media says

Nomination race over, Hillary Clinton to "drop out" media says What do you know, the presidential race is once again going to be decided by the media, rather than the voters, with pundits calling today for Hillary Clinton to drop out of the Democratic nomination race. The light was first stuck by Tim Russert of NBC News with the following statement last night: "We now know who the Democratic nominee’s going to be, and no one’s going to dispute it. Those closest to her will give her a hard-headed analysis, and if they lay it all out, they’ll say: ‘What is the rationale? What do we say to the undeclared super delegates tomorrow? Why do we tell them you’re staying in the race?’ And tonight, there’s no good answer for that," and then other media outlets just continued to add fuel to the fire, everyone declaring Barack Obama the Democratic nominee and calling for Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race.

 Everyone in the media, that is. Hillary Clinton still has the fighting chance for the nomination, if she could swing enough superdelegates over to her camp and the odds makers have not given up on her, although she has been the underdog for a while. At BodogSports Clinton is +400 to win the Democratic nomination, while Obama is leading with odds -700. Clinton is the underdog for the Presidential race, as well, at 15/4 to become the next U.S. President, while Barack Obama leads the odds at 6/5, closely followed by John McCain at 5/4. At this time Hillary Clinton is still in the race for the White House, although media pressure could easily convince her campaign it's over, which at this time makes her a bad bet with a sweet payout.

 Published on 05/07/2008

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