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Al Sharpton arrested in New York shooting protest

 Developing - Rev. Al Sharpton was arrested today at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge during the New York City police shooting protest. Al Sharpton, two survivors of the shooting and the slain man's fiancée were arrested during one of a series of demonstrations calling for a federal investigation into the November 2006 shooting of an unarmed black man outside of a night club. According to reports, Rev. Al Sharpton was arrested after calling for acts of civil disobedience across the city, while several other demonstrators have been arrested for stopping traffic at bridges and tunnels in New York. Three detectives were acquitted last month of state charges in the 2006 slaying of Sean Bell, prompting Al Sharpton to organize Wednesday's demonstrations in the NYC. As police kept their distance, organizers gave protesters instructions on how to behave when arrested. No further details on Al Sharpton's arrest are available at the moment.

 Published on 05/07/2008

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