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Charles Barkley rakes up gambling debt, facing felony

Charles Barkley rakes up gambling debt, facing felony Just to show you that no one is safe from gambling debts - former NBA star Charles Barkley is now under the gun for unpaid gambling obligations to a Las Vegas Strip casino. A couple of years back Barkley acknowledged he had a gambling problem, estimating his losses totaled $10 million, but now it seems his gambling is getting out of control. According to the reports, Charles Barkley will face felony charges if he fails to repay a $400,000 gambling debt to the Wynn Las Vegas Casino. According the the court documents filed by the casino this week, the NBA star failed to make good on four $100,000 casino markers (loans) he received last October. "By taking the $400,000 in credit and refusing to pay the amount despite repeated attempts, Barkley has wrongfully exercised dominion and control over Wynn’s property. Barkley has exercised this dominion in derogation, exclusion and defiance of Wynn’s rights in its property," it was noted in the lawsuit.

 Clark County District Attorney David Roger said that Charles Barkley will have the chance to pay off his gambling debt to the casino, but if he fails to do so, Barkley will be facing felony bad check charges. Under state law, gambling debts are treated in the same manner bad checks are. "We prosecute cases like this every day. Mr. Barkley will be treated the same as everybody else," the DA promised. A grim reminder that using loaned money to gamble may not be the best idea.

 Published on 05/15/2008

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