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Preakness Stakes: Big Brown with extra betting props

Preakness Stakes: Big Brown with extra betting props Will Big Brown win the Preakness Stakes this year - almost all of the punters agree, as well as the odds makers. The 3-year-old has become such a favorite to win the 2008 Preakness Stakes, bookmakers all over the world are seeing the number of wagers on the shortest Triple Crown race declining. Something had to be done and the online sportsbook BodogSports is taking the lead once again, offering special additional odds on Big Brown, as well as on the Preakness. Now you can bet at the bookie on the winner of the Preakness Stakes 2008 without the heavy favorite (big Brown is paying on odds 1/4), awesome news, considering Big Brown is left pretty much without any competition, after Behindatthebar left the race as well. But if you take the Preakness odds without Big Brown, Gayego is the favorite with 4/1 odds to win the race (big Brown excluded), followed by Kentucky Bear at 5/1 and Yankee Bravo at 7/1, great odds for the bettors, considering the odds on the BB.

 But the new betting props on the Preakness don't stop here. A long list of special odds on Big Brown were posted today. For example bettors can now bet on which will be greater: Big Brown margin of victory or number of goals in the English FA Cup Final (Big Brown's margin is -200 favorite). Or even look further ahead and bet if Big Brown will also win the Belmont Stakes, also favorite at -180. Other interesting Preakness Stakes props at BodogSports include "Will all the NBC announcers pick Big Brown to win the Preakness Stakes" with "yes favorite at -330, as well as personal matchups between two contenders at the Preakness. The list is so long, it's impossible for us to publish the whole thing, but you can visit the bookie and take a look yourself.

 Published on 05/16/2008

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